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There is a situation unfolding that has me very nervous.

The tenants who helped with the renovations Flagyl Dosage, are hitting some hard times. The father had an incident in early 2006 where he fell while working as a contractor, seriously hurting his wrist. Order Flagyl online overnight delivery no prescription, He had a cast for a while and then seemed fine when it was removed, but apparently over the past few months it has become very painful. To make a long story short, he just had surgery a few weeks ago, Flagyl without a prescription, and will be in a cast for the next four months. This presents the problem of how will they pay rent.

To flesh out the history, Flagyl trusted pharmacy reviews, they own their own power-washing company. Power washing, I've learned, is a very seasonal business, Flagyl Dosage. Over the winter, they both do odd jobs to pay the bills. When the incident first occurred in January, kjøpe Flagyl på nett, köpa Flagyl online, he was unable to get another contract position and it was too cold to power wash. They stopped paying rent. Cheap Flagyl, I filed for eviction, and a week before our court date they explained to me that they were really in financial trouble. Flagyl Dosage, I let them slide on the rent for several weeks until power washing season. I was concerned that I would not collect, but they really were down on their luck and had no other options (if I evicted them, Flagyl maximum dosage, it would be unlikely they'd find another place to rent). Either way, Where can i cheapest Flagyl online, I believed that they would pay me back and they did. Once the summer came they started giving me a check after every job, and were able to catch up within a few hundred dollars by September/October. They paid off the next two months by helping with the renovations (on which they did an amazing job).

This brings us to mid-November, Flagyl price, coupon, whose rent they've only paid half. Again, the surgery was in the last week of November, Flagyl Dosage. Since then, Discount Flagyl, they've been waiting for their worker's comp checks to come in the mail, and of course it hasn't. So I've been waiting, unsure how to proceed, Flagyl pics. As of today, they have still not received it, Flagyl reviews, and I am basically at the end of my patience.

So what do I do?

Well, today I called the workers comp office to find out what's really happening. The woman wouldn't go into detail because I wasn't authorized (I made it clear I was the landlord, to avoid any legal complications), Flagyl description. Flagyl Dosage, But after speaking with her, it seems to have prompted my tenants to get in touch with her (they said they were trying, but for some reason couldn't get in touch with her). Anyway, it looks like the first check is coming tomorrow to cover the past few weeks -- since the surgery. Flagyl over the counter, From this point forward, checks will arrive every week. With the first check, they're going to pay rent through the end of November, purchase Flagyl online no prescription. After that, they're going to give me a quarter of the month's rent each week from their checks.

I will still be a little behind, Where can i buy Flagyl online, which I will collect when the wife gets her winter job (she couldn't get it earlier because "she needed to take care of her husband"). Overall, I am cautiously trying to help them through, Flagyl Dosage. I certainly don't want to get burned, and will protect myself. On the other hand, I would like to keep them as tenants (assuming they don't get more behind. Enough is enough). They keep the place very neat, they fix things when needed, and they're very nice.

We'll see...


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3 Responses to “Flagyl Dosage”

  1. Trisha Says:

    Oh, wow. I’m sorry you’ve found yourself in this situation. Is your property in a good spot, where you could find another tenant with relative ease? If so, I’d suggest opting to have them relocate when the lease ends. If not, you may have to just put up with the excuses. But, then, if they know they can play on your sympathies, they may stretch the truth further and further.

  2. rentboy Says:

    I feel for you on this issue, I seem to have a soft heart on some of these types of things also. I know that in order to be profitable we as landlords have to take the hard ground on such things, but it is very hard not to have sympathy for such folks. Thanks for such a good blog.

  3. James Bond Says:

    I suggest proceeding with caution. While these tenants may have good excuses, they may really try to take advantage of you in the future. They have gained your confidence and may really streatch things out or stop paying all together under the right conditions.

    A landlord is not a finance company, that is the job for banks. There is no way you can compete with a bank when it comes to evaluating credit worthiness.

    I’ve seen it all and I smell a fish.

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