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There is a great guest post about Moral Hazards on Infectious Greed written by Tom Vanderwell.  It starts off with two comics:

Buy Cipro No Prescription, In the post Tom describes the dangers of government bailouts and government protections for investors.  If investors do not bear the full risk of their investments, then they will make moves that they wouldn't otherwise make (the Moral Hazzard).  This leads to various undesirable outcomes, because in the end somebody has to pay when the losses accrue.

I strongly support some of the suggestions that Tom makes, herbal Cipro, Cipro steet value, and believe that the US government should do as little of possible (with the one exception of preventing a larger market collapse).  The notion of privatizing the gains and nationalizing the losses, for example what this $25 billion dollar bailout of Freddie and Fannie would be, Cipro from canadian pharmacy, Purchase Cipro online, goes against everything our country stands for.

More inline with the first comic above, Cipro dangers, Order Cipro from United States pharmacy, I've mentioned before that all of my mortgages were all done in a very sustainable way.  They're almost all fixed mortgages, which ironically enough I took out against the recommendations of both my mortgage brokers and realtors at the time.  If I had taken their advice, effects of Cipro, Cipro over the counter, and was in bad shape now, I wouldn't deserve any government help.  But, Cipro samples, After Cipro, if those who get in trouble because they chose the less-prudent, shinier path get bailed out, rx free Cipro, Ordering Cipro online,   I may be more likely to take the riskier approach next time.

Hey, cheap Cipro, Doses Cipro work, why lose out on some extra profits a second time. Discount Cipro.

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  1. steve jenings Says:

    Great cartoon, should have Tax payer on his T-shirt though.