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Here is an overview for the new readers...

Tramadol Mg, The reason why I started this blog was to cover a dog situation that arose. It turned out that some of my tenants were the owners of two trained attack dogs, Tramadol samples. Herbal Tramadol, When I sent them the Notice to Cease, they promptly stopped paying rent, buy Tramadol online no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Tramadol online, The game was on...

After several weeks of dealing with the slow government, we finally had our day in court, low dose Tramadol, Buy Tramadol from mexico, where I got a judgment..

Oh, but that wasn't the end of it, fast shipping Tramadol. Tramadol overnight, After I filed the Warrant of Removal, my tenant tried to pull a quick one by filing an Order to Show Cause, Tramadol coupon, Buy Tramadol without a prescription, which was denied.

Finally, I went with the court officer to lock out the tenants, Tramadol pictures, Where can i find Tramadol online, only to find that they completely trashed the place. They ripped up the carpets, online Tramadol without a prescription, Buy generic Tramadol, broke the windows, left holes in the wall, buying Tramadol online over the counter, and left an insane amount of garbage. It took a long time to clean.

Now, I am in the process of tracking these guys down, since I am still not sure where they went. They owe me a lot of money, and I fully intend to collect. Stay tuned to see what happens...

Thanks charlietyack for the image.


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7 Responses to “Tramadol Mg”

  1. Jessica Beganski Says:

    I’m a new reader so sorry if my questions have been covered. Overall, how much money did this one bad tenant cost you – lost rent, attorney’s fees, and cleaning costs?

    And how long did this process take?

    I personally allow dogs in my only rental and have placed all types of requirements on tenants with pets

    But after an experience like this, I can see how you would want to run screaming from anyone with pets. Good luck with recouping your expenses.

  2. landlordshmandlord Says:

    Hi Jessica,

    These tenants cost me a lot of money actually. First there was the missing rent. They stopped paying rent in June, and I didn’t rent the place out until November first. They were locked out at the end of August, but the repairs were not finished until October. Their rent was $750, so this was a loss of $3,750.

    My lawyer cost me a total of $500. This, I thought, was extremely reasonable given how much lawyers usually cost. Also, if you look through the posts, you’ll see that he did an exceptional job (especially during the Order to Show Cause ordeal).

    The cleaning costs were on the order of two thousand dollars. This included:

    • Removing all the garbage that the tenants left. There was _a lot_.
    • Painting the walls in several rooms
    • Ripping up the remaining carpets, sanding the hard wood floors underneath, and applying three coats of stain.
    • Replacing a window.
    • Materials

    Also, my lease states that late fees are collectible as rent. This means that technically they will still owe me the late fees when we get to court. The late fees according to the lease are $10/day after the 5th business day. I doubt I’ll be able to collect all of the late fees, but a few hundred dollars should be reasonable.

    I am now searching for them and will be taking them to court soon. When I find them, I’ll post about it on this blog.

    Good luck with your tenants! I will take a look through your blog.


  3. Dedicated Reader Says:

    I’ve been reading about eviction:

    Your series on kicking out some terrible tenants is great. What happens when a tenant simply ignores an order to leave? Can they be forcibly removed from the premises? How long does this procedure take to happen?

    I have an inherited property with multiple apartments (ten, to be exact). There is a professional management company that is willing to take over the building, but I have considered doing the work myself. The building is in a low-rent area of town, however, and I’m concerned about the horrors of kicking out the inevitable tenant from hell.

    Any suggestions?

  4. Trisha Says:

    Dedicated Reader, I have a suggestion for you. If you ever have to evict, choose wisely when you select someone to deliver the court order to the tenant. You may be able to choose to have it delivered by a county sheriff for a few dollars more–at least, here in OK, you can. It’s really intimidating and scary for the deadbeat tenant to see the sheriff at their door asking them to get out! Most of the time, they will leave voluntarily within a few days afterward. If not, though–the tenant from hell scenario–you can 1.) offer them a check ($150-250, whatever) to get out ASAP, payable on their way out if nothing is damaged, 2.) tell them you’ve got multiple contractors scheduled for three days from now to fix their apartment, and you will not be held accountable if any of the tenant’s stuff goes missing, 3.) actually go to court, do the eviction proceedings (you should even if they move out, just to put a black spot on their records and hopefully protect other landlords), then tell the judge you don’t think they will quit the premises and you will need help from the sheriff to remove them.

    I know the first option is OFFENSIVE to you as a landlord. It offends me, too. But, money talks, of course. And, when you think about the kind of money you could spend fixing a damaged apartment when an angry tenant leaves, well, it’s a no-brainer. You should still take them to court–after they’re out and the locks are changed, of course.

  5. Harley Says:

    I know the world needs rental property, but goodness gracious, just reading this reaffirms my faith in my decision a few years back to sell rather than manage a set of rental duplexes that I inherited and put the money in an index fund.

  6. kitty Says:

    I know this is a two-year-old string, but these things live forever in google. I just want to say this is not “pet damage”. The tenants were asked to leave because of their pets, but I do not see anywhere that the pets did the damage – an angry tenant did. This could also have been done by a PETLESS angry tenant that was forced to leave because he violated any lease provision such as excessive noise, late rent or parking violations, etc.

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