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January 17th, 2007

Tramadol For Sale, Well, I have some very exciting news:

I've located my ex-tenants. Tramadol samples, They're living at a hotel in the neighboring town. I promptly filed the small claims suit today, fast shipping Tramadol. Order Tramadol from United States pharmacy, It turns out that in this town there are two options for serving the papers. First, buy Tramadol no prescription, Doses Tramadol work, the court documents can be sent through certified mail, but this requires that the recipients sign the return receipt, Tramadol schedule. I know from experience that they never sign for any of their mail, so this method is out of the question, Tramadol For Sale. Tramadol forum, The second method is to have the constable do it. The court clerk said that the constable is very good at finding and serving people, Tramadol cost, Is Tramadol addictive, so I have my fingers crossed.

Unfortunately there is no way that I or another third party can serve the papers. Now I just have to wait to hear what happens, my Tramadol experience. Tramadol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, I am confident that even if they were to move again, I'll be able to track them down, Tramadol long term. Ordering Tramadol online, They owe me a lot of money and I feel obligated to make them pay.

I am personally aware that they've done this to several landlords before me. Do people not follow through (I understand it is a hassle, real brand Tramadol online, Tramadol results, but if nobody tracked them down then why would all tenants not do this?) If anybody has evicted tenants before, did you end up getting paid. Did you have to file a civil suit?

I'll keep you up to date.


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Buy Diflucan No Prescription

December 22nd, 2006

Looks like Prlinkbiz and Kimber over at No Limts Ladies Buy Diflucan No Prescription, tagged Shmandlord this week. Thanks a lot. Time to continue the very, Diflucan from canada, Purchase Diflucan online, very, long line of taggers, Diflucan pharmacy. Diflucan mg,

I too am not sure how it started, but the idea is to list 5 "secrets" about yourself that your readers don't already know.

So, what is Diflucan, Diflucan without prescription, here it goes:

  1. I grew up on a farm, raising sheep, after Diflucan, Taking Diflucan, chickens, horses, Diflucan steet value, Diflucan from canadian pharmacy, and goats. It was a lot of fun.

  2. In my spare time I enjoy playing the guitar and recording songs, Diflucan australia, uk, us, usa. No prescription Diflucan online, I love listening to the resulting music much more than anybody else.

  3. I live in Philadelphia now. There is construction going on outside my window, Diflucan online cod. Where to buy Diflucan, They jackhammer in the middle of the night.

  4. I have three computers at my desk: one running linux, one running OSX, Diflucan recreational, one running windows.

  5. My girlfriend and I are in the process of watching Arrested Development on DVD. Very funny.

Ok, so now I get to pass it off.

  1. Building an Empire

  2. I will teach you to be rich

  3. Do-It-Yourself Landlord

  4. The Landlord Blog

  5. i bought a duplex


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Tramadol Mg

December 12th, 2006

Here is an overview for the new readers...

Tramadol Mg, The reason why I started this blog was to cover a dog situation that arose. It turned out that some of my tenants were the owners of two trained attack dogs, Tramadol samples. Herbal Tramadol, When I sent them the Notice to Cease, they promptly stopped paying rent, buy Tramadol online no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Tramadol online, The game was on...

After several weeks of dealing with the slow government, we finally had our day in court, low dose Tramadol, Buy Tramadol from mexico, where I got a judgment..

Oh, but that wasn't the end of it, fast shipping Tramadol. Tramadol overnight, After I filed the Warrant of Removal, my tenant tried to pull a quick one by filing an Order to Show Cause, Tramadol coupon, Buy Tramadol without a prescription, which was denied.

Finally, I went with the court officer to lock out the tenants, Tramadol pictures, Where can i find Tramadol online, only to find that they completely trashed the place. They ripped up the carpets, online Tramadol without a prescription, Buy generic Tramadol, broke the windows, left holes in the wall, buying Tramadol online over the counter, and left an insane amount of garbage. It took a long time to clean.

Now, I am in the process of tracking these guys down, since I am still not sure where they went. They owe me a lot of money, and I fully intend to collect. Stay tuned to see what happens...

Thanks charlietyack for the image.


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Flagyl Dosage

December 11th, 2006

There is a situation unfolding that has me very nervous.

The tenants who helped with the renovations Flagyl Dosage, are hitting some hard times. The father had an incident in early 2006 where he fell while working as a contractor, seriously hurting his wrist. Order Flagyl online overnight delivery no prescription, He had a cast for a while and then seemed fine when it was removed, but apparently over the past few months it has become very painful. To make a long story short, he just had surgery a few weeks ago, Flagyl without a prescription, and will be in a cast for the next four months. This presents the problem of how will they pay rent.

To flesh out the history, Flagyl trusted pharmacy reviews, they own their own power-washing company. Power washing, I've learned, is a very seasonal business, Flagyl Dosage. Over the winter, they both do odd jobs to pay the bills. When the incident first occurred in January, kjøpe Flagyl på nett, köpa Flagyl online, he was unable to get another contract position and it was too cold to power wash. They stopped paying rent. Cheap Flagyl, I filed for eviction, and a week before our court date they explained to me that they were really in financial trouble. Flagyl Dosage, I let them slide on the rent for several weeks until power washing season. I was concerned that I would not collect, but they really were down on their luck and had no other options (if I evicted them, Flagyl maximum dosage, it would be unlikely they'd find another place to rent). Either way, Where can i cheapest Flagyl online, I believed that they would pay me back and they did. Once the summer came they started giving me a check after every job, and were able to catch up within a few hundred dollars by September/October. They paid off the next two months by helping with the renovations (on which they did an amazing job).

This brings us to mid-November, Flagyl price, coupon, whose rent they've only paid half. Again, the surgery was in the last week of November, Flagyl Dosage. Since then, Discount Flagyl, they've been waiting for their worker's comp checks to come in the mail, and of course it hasn't. So I've been waiting, unsure how to proceed, Flagyl pics. As of today, they have still not received it, Flagyl reviews, and I am basically at the end of my patience.

So what do I do?

Well, today I called the workers comp office to find out what's really happening. The woman wouldn't go into detail because I wasn't authorized (I made it clear I was the landlord, to avoid any legal complications), Flagyl description. Flagyl Dosage, But after speaking with her, it seems to have prompted my tenants to get in touch with her (they said they were trying, but for some reason couldn't get in touch with her). Anyway, it looks like the first check is coming tomorrow to cover the past few weeks -- since the surgery. Flagyl over the counter, From this point forward, checks will arrive every week. With the first check, they're going to pay rent through the end of November, purchase Flagyl online no prescription. After that, they're going to give me a quarter of the month's rent each week from their checks.

I will still be a little behind, Where can i buy Flagyl online, which I will collect when the wife gets her winter job (she couldn't get it earlier because "she needed to take care of her husband"). Overall, I am cautiously trying to help them through, Flagyl Dosage. I certainly don't want to get burned, and will protect myself. On the other hand, I would like to keep them as tenants (assuming they don't get more behind. Enough is enough). They keep the place very neat, they fix things when needed, and they're very nice.

We'll see...


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Cephalexin Price

December 9th, 2006

Check out this great list of "Most Unusual Buidlings" Cephalexin Price, . It's amazing what people come up with. Cephalexin dose. Cephalexin interactions. Cephalexin dangers. Buy Cephalexin without prescription. Buy cheap Cephalexin. Cephalexin natural. Cephalexin photos. Online buy Cephalexin without a prescription. Is Cephalexin safe. Buy Cephalexin online cod. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Cephalexin treatment. Buy Cephalexin from canada. Cephalexin price. Order Cephalexin no prescription.

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Armour For Sale

December 7th, 2006

zillow logoI love the innovativeness of Zillow Armour For Sale, , and especially their new features (mainly Make Me Move). Armour brand name,

It will be interesting to see how far they can take this. Can Zillow become a one-stop shop for buying/selling real estate, online buying Armour, Armour wiki, almost like what ebay did to the used-item market?


  1. I put up a house on Make Me Move.

  2. Joe is interested and responds to my offer through Zillow.

  3. For a flat fee (a few hundred dollars?) Zillow acts as the coordinator of the sale, Armour no rx, Cheap Armour no rx, similar to what a real estate agent does now. They would verify Joe's pre-approval and financial eligibility, about Armour, Armour street price, schedule the inspections and closing, work with the title agent on the title search, Armour use, Where can i order Armour without prescription, etc. Ideally, Armour dosage, Buy cheap Armour no rx, there would be a very mechanical process that would have build-in provisions to handle the inevitable problems that would arise (ie, house doesn't pass inspection, order Armour from mexican pharmacy, Get Armour, buyer can't get mortgage, house blows up before closing, purchase Armour, Order Armour online c.o.d, etc). Again, this is similar to ebay in some ways, in that ebay can handle deal-breaking issues that arise like buyers who don't pay, items that don't meet description, etc.

  4. The sale goes through, Armour For Sale. No percentage would be paid, just a flat fee. (Also, Zillow wouldn't collect their fee until the deal goes through)

I think one of the additional keys will be to open up their listings to other systems. There needs to be an open MLS-type site where I can go, see everything that is available, and initiate a purchase. This listing system must be comprehensive, which is why existing closed systems like MLS must be incorporated.

Obviously there are a lot of logistical issues, but it seems to me that this type of system is doable and that both the buyer and seller would really benefit (cheaper costs, comprehensive listings, standardized process).


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Purchase Cipro

December 5th, 2006

Purchase Cipro, The other night (before December 1st) he called to ask when and how he should pay December's rent. Rarely does a tenant have this type of initiative, rx free Cipro, Cipro blogs, and when they do they're keepers. The tricky part is to keep this enthusiasm, Cipro alternatives. Cipro images, It will be imperative that he knows I expect the rent on or near the first of the month.

I've found that as soon as you let a tenant slip, Cipro no prescription, Cipro used for, they will slip more in the future. Canada, mexico, india. Buy no prescription Cipro online. Generic Cipro. Online buying Cipro hcl. Cipro canada, mexico, india. Cipro duration. Effects of Cipro. Australia, uk, us, usa. Purchase Cipro for sale.

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Cipro Cost

December 4th, 2006

The Carnival of Real Estate turns 21 this week over at the Property Monger Cipro Cost, . Go check it out, Cipro from mexico. Cipro for sale, One of Shmandlord's posts even made the top 10 = ). Comprar en línea Cipro, comprar Cipro baratos. Cipro class. Doses Cipro work. Cipro reviews. Cipro used for. Herbal Cipro. Cipro gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Taking Cipro. Cipro recreational. Cipro photos. Real brand Cipro online. Rx free Cipro. Buy generic Cipro.

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Bactrim Over The Counter

December 3rd, 2006


Bactrim Over The Counter, Hi all, welcome to the Carnival of Real Estate Investing. Bactrim schedule, Thank you to everybody who participated in this week's Carnival.

The pick of the week goes to:

The remaining posts in no particular order:

Thanks again to everybody who participated

The Carnival of Real Estate Investing is a much needed Carnival because of the many people who can benefit from the REI knowledge that exists in the blogosphere. Look for the Carnival next week on BiggerPockets, Bactrim use. Order Bactrim online overnight delivery no prescription, Make sure to submit your post by December 12th at noon.

Thanks chris_starscream for the image.

. Bactrim over the counter. Bactrim long term.

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Armour Mg

December 1st, 2006

I was reading this post on Blueprint for Financial Prosperity Armour Mg, and it brought up several thoughts which I'd like to share.

The article is about paying a mortgage bi-weekly rather than monthly, so you end up making one extra mortgage payment a year, ordering Armour online. The thought behind this is that the extra payment will drastically cut the life of the mortgage. Armour blogs, mortgage pic

Consider a 30-year $200k fixed 7.00% mortgage starting in December of 2006. If you make one extra payments every December, then instead of the mortgage ending in December 2036, Armour without prescription, it will end in December of 2030 (if you make two extra payments a year, Online Armour without a prescription, it will end in March 2027).

Now, this is obviously a tremendous savings, in the case cited above the savings is almost $100k, Armour Mg. In the case of a primary residence, people like the notion of freeing up their cashflow early, buy cheap Armour, so that they can use it in other ways, Australia, uk, us, usa, like a personal safety-net or to invest elsewhere. I think in this case, the peace of mind that people get from fully owning their house is certainly valuable, where can i order Armour without prescription.

However, Effects of Armour, how does this strategy work for investment properties.

Let's say that I'm renting an apartment out for 2k a month, but my mortgage payment is only 1k, Armour wiki. Armour Mg, Is it better for me to use the extra money to pay down the mortgage, or is it better to take that money and invest it elsewhere. Surely if you highly doubt that you're not going to be able to make anything near 7%, Armour pics, it is better to just pay off all of your mortgages.

The point of the investment property is that it's an investment. What if instead of paying off the mortgage, buying Armour online over the counter, you save the excess rent until you have enough money to buy another place on which you will also have a positive cash flow (by design, Online buying Armour hcl, of course). You'll then be collecting positive cash flow from two properties, which you will then use to purchase another eventually, order Armour from mexican pharmacy. All the while, you're paying off the mortgages of your existing properties, Armour Mg. Instead of keeping all of your equity tied up in one place, Armour price, you're using it to grow your investment. In 30 years, your first property will still be completely paid off, Armour cost, but you'll also have other properties that are almost paid off as well.

If you use the extra money of an investment property to pay down the mortgage, in 30 years you will have one house that is paid off, 100k, plus the rent collected over the last 6 year period, but I don't think it compares.

In the second scenario where you buy other houses with the leftover rent, there are tax advantages plus you will benefit more from appreciation. Armour Mg, You're certainly leveraging yourself more in the second scenario, but I believe that it can be done in a responsible way according to your tolerance for risk. Maybe you'll want to wait 5 years before purchasing the second property because you want to have a large safety net before investing again. As I've said elsewhere on this blog, it is important to make sure that you have enough money to cover problems that will arise. If after you pay a mortgage and allot a percentage to maintenance and vacancies you still have rental profits left, I believe it would be wise to save that money and invest it elsewhere.

What do you guys think.

Thanks revdancatt for the pic.

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